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Currently I am teaching courses on logic, ethics, and introduction to philosophy. Occasionally I teach courses in comparative/world philosophy, language and linguistics, and geography. In addition to those, I give irregular guest lectures on aspects of social philosophy and other topics related to my research interests.
Previously I have taught academic/scholarly writing and argumentation theory (both to undergraduates and to postgraduates), and before that, statistics and social science research methods (including elementary philosophy of science), among others.

English correction (論文の英文校正)
I'm available for English correction, editing, and (if necessary) complete rewriting of academic papers in (mostly) the humanities and social sciences.
  ❧ For more information see this page (in Japanese) or this page (in English).

Among my hobbies, music is probably the most important. I play and compose music (and listen to music as well, of course). Some of my music has been released on CD and/or in other form. Most of my music is (very) experimental and eclectic, combining influences ranging from noise to jazz, from extreme metal to contemporary classical, and from industrial to East and Central Asian traditional music.
  ❧ More information here.

board game design
Playing and designing strategy/simulation board games used to be one of my main hobbies, but recently I can rarely find the necessary time, nor the opponents.
  ❧ My board game designs can be found here.

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